Meet Michelle

I don’t know why I think giving outfits real names is cool, but I do.
I know that there are pictures in the Abercrombie dressing rooms of their jeans, and they have names. So, I am not the only crazy one here. Whoever came up with the idea to name outfits was probably feeling kinda weird and decided to be a bit of a troll. That being said, most good ideas come out of those moods so I’m all for it.
I made this outfit on Polyvore on a day I was feeling particularly creative, you guys should check it out. Its kinda fun 🙂
 Now I imagine that I would wear this outfit on a bit more of a dressy summer day. Maybe if I am going to go out for brunch or shopping. Since I have longer black hair I would probably wear it up in a messy bun to keep it off my neck. That way I don’t get too hot, since longer skirts can get a bit stuffy in the heat. I also think a subtle makeup look would go quite well, the skirt is the main focal point so a red lipstick might be a bit much. I imagine maybe a light pink or coral lip with matte brown eyeshadows would be beautiful. I put two shoe choices here because I think the heels really make this outfit look super fashionable and put together, but the flats are a bit more practical. Honestly, I have worn outfits super similar to this and I would pick the flats over the heels in a heartbeat. Practicality outweighs fashion almost every day in my household.
I think “Michelle” is super pretty and I love the rose pink details. Let me know how you guys would wear this outfit 🙂

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