A “New Look” for the Summer


I have an interesting relationship with shoes. For one thing, I am incredibly particular. I find heels very painful and flats too formal. But, one thing is for sure, I have been loving are these beautiful shoes from ASOS.

I love sandals that are muted and can be taken off easily. I really hate having to undo a buckle or strap every time I go to take of my shoes. I had a pair of sandals quite similar to these and as they are a few years old – they were falling apart. My heart said, wear them until you absolutely can’t anymore. My mind said, have a backup for when that happens. So while I was cheating on my sandals, I found myself perusing the inter webs. I ended up on ASOS, and my eyes caught hold of these babies. The main thing I love about them is how soft they are. I didn’t have to break them in and they fit perfectly on my teeny tiny feet.

Buying shoes when you are US size 5 is no joke. Half the time the shoes that catch my eye are not in my size or worse, when they finally come in the mail, they don’t fit properly. I had no such issue with these.

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ASOS, and online shopping in general, is new to me. I have watched more than my fair share of youtube halls from online retail stores, but I never really thought it was for me. Since, I am petite finding clothes that fit me has always been an in person affair. The clothes had to be touched and tried on in order to be bought. But, ever since this particularly successful online experience, I must say that I will buy from ASOS again.

These shoes are very functional and not eye catching at all. I like that about them. I can wear them with rompers, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, jeans – you name it, I’ve worn it. On hot California days they don’t get all sweaty and slippery, and best of all they mold very well to the shape of your feet.

I highly suggest them for everyday wear 🙂



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  1. oh my goodness! Adorable and affordable! I have a thing for the pointy toe shoes myself. I thought I had small feet! (6.5) I wish you all the best in all your searches for shoes!

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