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Hello there, how are you?
Thats me up there, in the picture above.

My name is Ashwini, pronounced Ashwinnie (like Usher and Winnie the Pooh) – hence the name of the blog.

For the last year or so, I have been dabbling in the art of online expression. I admire those who can turn their lives into beautiful online journals. I know their lives are not all daisies and roses, but they decided to look at their world through that lens. They decided to keep a positive outlook and document their world in an idealistic manner. This online journal that they keep, well the whole world can appreciate it and contribute. (Well, those who have internet and at the rate at which Mark Zuckerberg is going that’ll be the entire world in no time.) Just so you know, I will not be sugar coating things. I want this blog to be a place for the moments that make life interesting – thoughts, questions, observations, just things that are fun.

I have never been one to overshare – in fact it makes me feel all sorts of funny even thinking about the fact that random strangers will know all about me. But, it also makes it special. It is special that we get to go on this journey together. Whatever comes along, we can share it! And who knows? Maybe I’ll even come out of my shell a bit and say hello.

I think words have a strange beauty, as I type here my voice is clear and I am chatting with you. Though I may not know you personally, I talk to you as if we have been friends for years. Maybe in a parallel universe we have been. Regardless, thank you for being here, with me 🙂


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  1. This is a wonderful intro! I’m pretty new myself, so welcome to the blogging world as well! haha I think we may even be using the same theme from WordPress. I need to customize mine a little more. Keep in touch! Best wishes!

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