American Eagle Maxi Skirt #ootd

Hello friends 🙂 As the sun is shining and schools are out, I think it is time that we start talking about some summer outfits! I have been doing some shopping lately and I am pretty confident that I have discovered the maxi skirt of my dreams! I mean, this American Eagle Maxi Skirt is pretty spot on.


I don’t really expect much from a skirt other than to cover me, be comfortable and pretty – but this skirt just makes me feel so nice and put together.

The other day I was out and about with family in this beautiful skirt and basic white top. I bought it on a whim during a splurge earlier in the week (haul coming!), and was pleasantly surprised with how great it fit. Since I am quite petite, most of the maxi skirts that I find in stores are taller than my entire height let alone just my lower body. I am not honestly sure if this skirt should even be formally called a maxi skirt because it is shorter than most skirts I see in stores, but it is the absolute perfect length for me.

In the likely case you are taller than me, I would check the size details on the website before buying it if you decide to jump on the bandwagon! If any of you do, let me know what you think of it.


I absolutely love the color and texture of the fabric. It is so soft and lightly lined.


The only thing I don’t love about is that it has high slits on both sides that sway as you walk. As a result, when the wind blows everyone can see the lining underneath and sometimes even past it if the gust is hard enough. I found myself holding it down slightly – I do that with dresses too, so its only a little annoying. I am willing to move past it. It would have been absolutely perfect, though, if the slits were just a little smaller or ended a little bit lower. A good pair of shorts underneath would fix that problem, but I despise wearing shorts underneath my dresses and skirts. It defeats the purpose, you know? I could just wear shorts then, no need for the skirt! Nevertheless, this skirt is just too pretty and I have been going through a real long skirts phase as I have purchased a few more. If I like them, I’ll let you know!

All in all it fits me like Cinderella’s glass slipper, and despite the slits, I am in love. American Eagle is actually one of my favorite stores at the moment, because their clothes are very good quality, last through multiple washes, fit quite well and are very cute!

Give them a look and let me know if you have any great summer finds!



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  1. You look so cute, and I love the backdrop you found to take your pictures! I haven’t been to American Eagle in a while, but your skirt is too cute! Maybe I will have to give them a turn next time I see one.

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