Let’s Do Brunch!


Hello friends! How do you do? Since I have come back from school my sweet tooth just had me scouring Instagram and drooling at all the incredible food people post on there. I do this pretty regularly, and I’m not going to lie – photogenic food is one of my favorite things.

One friend of mine, took a picture of the most incredible red pancakes. I know. The pancakes were red. Mind = Blown.

(I later learned that these were simply red velvet pancakes. I have not actually tasted them, but they looked pretty cool).

Anyways, I discovered that these magical pancakes were actually served not too far from where I lived. I then basically flew with excitement to none other than the Bell Tower Cafe in Saratoga, CA. Now, to all of you who are not currently in California. I’m sorry, you are missing out. But this place is a hidden gem. I mean its not hidden in the sense that they don’t have business – the wait was about 20 minutes at like 10:30 am for brunch. So people do know about it. Its hidden in the sense, that I – a Saratoga native for the last 6 years – had never seen or heard of it.

Here is their page, with their address and information in case you guys want to go. Which you should 🙂


When I arrived and waited my turn, I entered and sat down in a beautiful outdoor area, surrounded by vines and families it felt very homey and quite cozy. I ordered their freshly squeezed orange juice and a stack of three pancakes with berries. My mind and stomach were not prepared for the culinary experience I was about to have.

First, the orange juice was so sweet and fresh. It completely surpassed expectations. I didn’t even know I had expectations when it came to orange juice, until I had this godlike beverage. Thats how seriously good it is. This stuff is definitely not normal orange juice. I relished it and ordered another pretty quickly. I was so satisfied with this orange juice that I was beyond excited for my pancakes.


These are gorgeous, filling, sweet, and most of all – made with heart. Even if sweet things aren’t your go to breakfast, you won’t regret trying these. The berries were not tart at all and the quantity was just enough to fill you up, but not send you into an epic food coma.

If you can’t already tell, I’m in love. I do not have a bad thing to say about the place.


The thing I love about this joint is that its not too big. They make their food with care and people come with their families. You can wear whatever you like and the service is very good. They are not overly friendly, but they are kind and very attentive. You leave filled and with a good taste in your mouth – literally.

I highly suggest, if you are in the area, to come by and experience their brunch yourself. You will not regret it. I’ve been there 3 times since.


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