Happy Hour No.1

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Welcome to Happy Hour!

Here, I sit down and share a few things that made me happy over the last few weeks. They can be things that happened or things that I did to make myself happier. Often times I find myself getting so caught up in the speeding current that is my life that I forget to look around. I forget to see the beauty and kindness around me, and allow myself to become intoxicated by the negativity or whatever may be going wrong that day. Thinking positively and reflecting on the good in the mundane tasks we do every day is so important. Just taking the time to smile and be grateful makes such a difference in how I look at the world. As I send these positive vibes your way, I hope I make you feel a bit happier as you go about your day 🙂


I love the sunshine. When I wake up in the morning, its so nice to see the sun shining brightly; it immediately puts me in a good mood. Sunshine just has that effect, you know? The birds feel it. The humans feel it. Even the squirrels feel it. Everyone just perks up and goes outside for walks and breathes in the fresh air. Growing up in California, I took the sunshine for granted quite a lot when I was younger. In fact, I would get excited when it rained because it was just such a refreshing change. But, after I left for college I found myself craving the sunshine and that boost it gives me in the morning. The Georgia sun just isn’t the same. So, every morning I wake up and smile because the sun is there and who isn’t happy when its sunny?


Maybe I am an extrovert. When I was younger I really loved being around people. I loved having my friends all around me and having sleepovers. In high school that kind of changed. The people I surrounded myself with didn’t make me happy anymore and I found myself spending more and more time alone. Being around people just made me tired. So, I began to think I was an introvert. I preferred my own company, and found myself turning down invitations to hang out with people. Eventually those invitations stopped coming. Now that I am back from college, I rang up a few of my acquaintances from school – people I knew but never got close to. I am so glad I did that because I am rekindling friendships that enrich me and make me feel like I am part of a community again. That makes me really happy. Not for one second do I regret taking the time to be with myself in high school. It helped me realize how important it is to have quality friends who love you and not just a large number who maybe don’t care as much. So maybe I am an extrovert.

If you find yourself being bullied or feeling unhappy around your “friends”, remember your happiness is paramount. Put yourself first and find people who do the same 🙂


Home is where the heart is, and my heart is where my family is. Last week was my boyfriend’s birthday. It was such a special day, I threw him a surprise party with both of our families and his friends. Everyone had such large smiles on their faces and it made me so happy that he was happy.

This was fun! I hope some of these helped you think about things you have in your life that make you happy.


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