Makeup & Me

This is the story of my love hate relationship with makeup.

When I was five, I remember walking around on my tippy toes pretending to be wearing high heels, lipstick and mascara. Although in reality, I was not wearing any of the aboveย the thought made me feel so grown up and sophisticated. It also made me feel confident, ready to take on the world. But, over the last few years, my relationship with makeup has been rocky. All through high school I would fluctuate between religiously wearing foundation to cover up all my acne scars and wearing absolutely nothing on my face. Thus opening me up for the criticism flung at me by my classmates.

“You look so tired!? Did you sleep?”

“Why are your eyes so sullen?”

“Dude, put on some concealer”

No, this is my face. My natural, beautiful face. I only heard these comments on days where I wore no makeup. My true skin was up for judgement and I was judged. But, over time through a mix of being incredibly busy with schoolwork and my determination to do as I pleased my point of view about makeup changed. A part of me was rebelling against their status quo. Who says I have to dress or present myself in a certain way to be accepted? Every person has dark circles or spots at some point in their life. Yet, I was taught as a young girl that these things are to be hidden. No one should know that you have anything other than perfect skin and ruby red lips.

But I disagree, I think our imperfections are what make us beautiful. At the end of the day, who defines what perfect is? Who knows, maybe in some cultures acne scars are revered and accentuated instead of covered.

In my personal opinion, makeup is a form of expression. If I am feeling creative or in the mood I will go to town and put on eye shadow and look awesome. If I’m not, I’ll go out barefaced and still look awesome. Because no matter what, honestly its how you feel about yourself that matters. I know my acne scars will fade over time and that breakouts are natural. My skin does so much for me, so I take care of it. I know some women love putting on their makeup and that it makes them feel beautiful. If that was the case for me, I would do it every day as well! But, its not. Some days I do not want to wear makeup and my skin does not want to be covered. It wants to breathe. Wearing makeup is not necessarily a required part of a morning routine. My choice to sometimes not wear it does not mean that I do not love getting ready or that I am not taking care of myself.

Oh contrair, I like makeup – I do – just not every day. Just like some people don’t wear high heels every day or wear their hair in a ponytail all the time.

My relationship with makeup is complicated, its love and its hate. But, at the end of the day I own a TON of it. Makeup is fun, I just don’t like that it has become an expectation. Going out au-natural is kinda fun honestly and it has taught me to take better care of my skin as it is instead of constantly trying to find ways to cover it. I have started drinking so so much more water and my scars have begun to fade. I still get the occasional breakout, but I am not ashamed. I love my skin, and now the comments just roll off me. Sometimes I smile and say “Yea, I got some sleep thanks for asking!”, or “Nah, just a makeup free day”.

We should all love our skin and do what makes us happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay story time done! Love you all!



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