Milestone – My First Ever Flatlay


I know. I know. I know.

For many of you bloggers, in this humongous blogosphere that is the internet, flatlays are a way of life – a daily part of your day. Its hard to believe that I have never made one. In fact, its even harder to believe that I thought they were easy to do. It just seemed like they were a picture of a bunch of things organized in a pretty way. Essentially, that is what a flatlay is.

But, oh is it so much more than that.

I woke up this morning, bored. As I wandered the house scavenging for food, nibbling on random items in my fridge, I brainstormed possible blog ideas. Too hungry and too hot to actually sit down in front of the computer and write, I decided to take some pictures for them instead. In fact, why not attempt an artsy flatlay?

It can’t be that hard. I jinxed it.

So the adventure began. In 90 degree weather, I wrapped my hair into a top bun and got to work. What would I need? Well, from what I knew, I needed a pretty background, twinkly lights, and some items to lay down. I found some gold wrapping paper hidden away in a closet and some lights randomly stuck in a drawer. I then proceeded to spend an eternity untangling the lights. Once they were finally loose from the tight grasp of the knots that had held them together for who knows how long, I finally began laying out my items.

What I got – a really ugly and plain picture.

My actual first attempt:


Yea, not so good. By the way, I absolutely love these books, I may do a review of them soon. I’m thinking about it 🙂

I got frustrated and went to sit on the couch and think about what I had done. Why was it so hard? I did it all right, I thought. I laid out the paper, laid out my items, put twinkly lights. Why wasn’t it tumblr/instagram/pinterest enough? After I had sulked a sufficient amount of time and looked at all the flatlays other people had done so beautifully, I googled how to do a flatlay and learned that a white background – rather a simple background helps. So I flipped the wrapping paper and went upstairs and grabbed things that I thought went together in the same color scheme.

I think my second attempt went better than the first and the filter makes it look a little better. The cool thing about this blog is that it is challenging me to try things I would not have tried before and I have a new found respect for you photographers out there who make these incredible flatlays. I know I will improve as I keep trying, but I think it is important to remember the days where these things were a challenge. In a few years, when I am an experienced blogger – this will seem silly. How did I not know how to make a flatlay? Is that really the best I could do?

The true answer is – no. I know I can do a better one. In fact, every one after this will be better. But, I think, these two will always be my favorite as they represent the first day I made a flatlay.

The day I tried something new, and enjoyed it.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your blog got an update, and can I say it looks SO CUTE! I hope you do a few book reviews soon. The ‘Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty’ looks very interesting!

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