Saving Billy


This is the story of how a normal day turned into the extraordinary time we met and saved Billy.

Yesterday,  my mom and I were driving home from Chipotle. As we drove up the curvy road to our house, the car in front of us screeched and swerved to the right. Panicked, my mom jammed the breaks. As the car zoomed on ahead we noticed that there was a dog in the middle of the road! Relatively calm and old, he was lost for sure – but not scared.

Walking down a busy road like that – he could have been killed!

He was walking right towards our car and and as the cars behind overtook us, in a spur of the moment decision, we opened the back door and said hello. He looked at us and his ears perked up, and without too much coaxing he got right into our car!

We were both very surprised and unsure of what to do next. We pulled over, and I unbuckled my seat belt and made my to the back to check his tag. This was when my mom began to freak out slightly.

“Oh my goodness, do NOT go near him!” she scolded, “He could bite! He could be scared!”

I knew both of these could be true and I was cautious, but I did not want anything bad to happen to him. He seemed sweet and I wanted to help him.

One of my own dogs passed away from Leukemia last year and it absolutely broke my heart. A few years ago, she used to escape out from under our fence and take walks along the road. She was adventurous and liked to see new things. We would run around the neighborhood calling her name, searching for her, praying she wasn’t hurt. Thankfully, she was alright each time – but I was always so grateful to the people who found her or who called us. I knew that his family would be very sad if anything happened to him. I know how special dogs can be, and I wanted to help him.

Now that he was in our car, he was out of harms way. But, what were we to do with him?

We first called the shelter, but it went to voicemail. I always thought shelters were available at all times, but I guess not. Anyways, our next plan was to check his collar for his phone number. But that required going near him and I was a little unsure to approach him. Even the friendliest dogs in new territory can get scared and bite.

So, after some thought, we went to one of our friend’s houses who was nearby and she gave him some treats and made sure he was calm. It was so cute, I reached out to give him a treat and he licked my hand and shook it! Thats when I knew we were friends. When I finally was able to check his collar, we noticed that his name was Billy and found his phone number.

We called his family and they came to get him. They actually live pretty near us! Thanking us profusely, they were very glad he was safe and that we had taken him in.

I am so glad we took the time to return him and made sure nothing bad happened to him. Not only would I have been very sad and not been able to live with myself had we left him in danger, but it feels good to take care of others. I love dogs and in my opinion they are some of the purest and kindest animals. When treated well, they give nothing but love and Billy was just a ray of sunshine. It does make me sad to think that we were the only one’s to stop and pick him up, but hopefully one day others will take time out of their day to help as well.

Animals enrich our lives so much and I am glad that we saved his life. Billy is such a sweetheart!


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