State of the Union No.2

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State of the Union

Watching: I have recently been watching a tad too much youtube. Anyone who knows me, will know that I am a sucker for anything Zoella related. But, this is an all time record. I am up to date with the SacconeJoly’s, itsJudysLife, rclbeauty101 and quite a few more. Its basically what I do the moment I get home. OH and I’ve also started watching the Voice Blind Auditions which I find very entertaining. Miley and Alicia make it so much more interesting. I’m excited to see how the season progresses.

Reading: I finished Eight Hundred Grapes, which I thought was fabulous. I am probably going to write a review for it soon, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 What an odd phrase, keep your eyes peeled. I wonder who said that first.

Listening: Still obsessed with the Dangerous Woman album by Ariana Grande. I also really like Shawn Mendes’ song Treat You Better. Been jamming to it as I walk the miles and miles between classes each day. lol sarcasm.

Feeling: Happy, but a bit overworked. We had a huge hell week last week, all the teachers decided to schedule midterms at the same time. So, in the wake of that, I am seriously unwinding. I am a bit nervous to see the scores. I always am. I think they went well, so hopefully I did well.

Wanting: Since we moved into our dorm, I miss my bathtub so much. A bubble bath would be divine. But, I am so grateful we have hot water. The dorm we lived in last year had absolutely no hot water and it was just awful.

Enjoying: Having my own room, so I can keep it as messy as I like.

Pondering: How days and days can go by with constant stress and how it suddenly just goes away. poof.

Wishing: My dog was here. I’d give him a cuddle.

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