Milestone – My First Ever Flatlay


I know. I know. I know.

For many of you bloggers, in this humongous blogosphere that is the internet, flatlays are a way of life – a daily part of your day. Its hard to believe that I have never made one. In fact, its even harder to believe that I thought they were easy to do. It just seemed like they were a picture of a bunch of things organized in a pretty way. Essentially, that is what a flatlay is.

But, oh is it so much more than that.

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The Magical Book Store

Yesterday, I decided to venture into one of my absolute favorite book stores, the Recycle Bookstore.

It is an old country style building with large windows by the door. When you enter, old dark wooden bookshelves line the walls and fill every open space. There is a beautiful children’s book area filled with coloring books, picture books and even some young-adult fiction. A little girl and her grandma came in while I was there and they sat in a rocking chair by the window and read a picture book together. It was beyond precious and I couldn’t help but listen in. What can I say? My inner child wanted to sit on the rug in front of them and participate in story time. But, I thought it would be less creepy if I just stayed and listened in from a distance.

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