The Magical Book Store

Yesterday, I decided to venture into one of my absolute favorite book stores, the Recycle Bookstore.

It is an old country style building with large windows by the door. When you enter, old dark wooden bookshelves line the walls and fill every open space. There is a beautiful children’s book area filled with coloring books, picture books and even some young-adult fiction. A little girl and her grandma came in while I was there and they sat in a rocking chair by the window and read a picture book together. It was beyond precious and I couldn’t help but listen in. What can I say? My inner child wanted to sit on the rug in front of them and participate in story time. But, I thought it would be less creepy if I just stayed and listened in from a distance.

It sells both old and new books, and allows customers to recycle their books. So, basically you can come in with an old Magic Tree House book or something that you read when you were younger and exchange it for a new book. That way someone else can enjoy it, and you can enjoy a new one. I really like that concept because it keeps them in circulation, and stories can be shared with everyone. Books are like time capsules of moments in people’s lives. Used books especially have an exotic beauty to them. I love how I can open one and see a note written to the previous owner, random lines underlined or even an old bookmark. These are relics of another person’s life, artifacts of someone I will never know but who has touched my life.

Ok wait, while I am typing this I am totally talking in a Phoebe Buffay voice. I watched a TON of friends this morning.

I guess the magical thing about book stores and even books for that matter is that you can get lost in them. They are an escape and I particularly love book stores that feel lived in. Just like how some people (including myself) smell the inside of books and sigh at all the memories the smell brings, book stores are filled with people reminiscing and realizing the beauty of life.

While I was in the store, perusing the overwhelming number of books, I picked up “What the Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell and it looks really promising. His name alone sounds very intellectual – MALCOLM – how sophisticated.

Maybe one day, I’ll write a book and someone will say that about me. That would be pretty cool. If I wrote a book and it was being sold at local book stores, I would totally like hang out there and sign all the copies and leave little nice messages to make my reader happy. I actually got excited just thinking about it. Sigh so many dreams, and this is a serious tangent. Anyways, I am going to read this book now. I hope its good, it has some pretty raving reviews on its cover – but then again most books do nowadays, so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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