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For the last few months I have been eyeing this used book store that I drive by all the time. Each day when I pass it I consider going in, but I never have time. I’m always heading somewhere, and I like taking my time in these stores. Slowly strolling through the rows and rows of shelves, looking for a title or cover that attracts me. Today, after having breakfast at a restaurant nearby, I finally paid this cute store a visit.

It smelled a bit stuffy, like the store hadn’t had a fresh breath of air in a while, and there was a young girl at the front desk speaking to a couple of older Indian women about some post cards. The shelves called to me and I began searching for my next read (I have not yet finished my current book, but I will I promise). A few hours later, I left with some select finds that will now be added to my “to read” pile. I paid a total of $3 for all of them. I KNOW, it was such a steal. I honestly don’t know much about these books, their histories or whether they are good or not. But, I will definitely give them a read and let you know. When I came home, I looked them up on Good Reads and some of them have some pretty scathing reviews, especially The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. Nevertheless, I will not judge it by its cover and give it a good go. I try to not read too many reviews before hand as I think they inevitably influence my opinion and everyone has their own taste in literature so I may not even agree with them afterwards. ¬†Since I am a super slow reader, I probably shouldn’t buy any more books until I finish the ones I already have. But, I really can’t resist the urge. I just love bookstores a bit too much. Guilty as charged.

What I purchased:

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe –¬†Good Reads

The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – Good Reads

Robot Dreams By Isaac Asimov – Good Reads

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